Driven to create beauty without compromising on comfort. Each piece is imbued with the quality of old traditions and the support of modern dressmaking advances.

The expert seamstress behind VavaVoom Corsetry is Santa Castro. A career seamstress, Santa has always had an obsession with the romance of European dynastic fashions and the women draped in lace and beads in the oil paintings of centuries long passed.

Santa chooses to work closely with each client and is responsible for the complex and playful nature of each custom-made piece. Her design ethos is to have every woman look and feel her worth.   

She was mentored in the art of modern corsetry and intimates firstly by a professional corsetry expert in the home of corset fashion - the United Kingdom - before flying halfway around the world and chasing down a wisened seamstress perched high above the back streets of Hong Kong who was rumoured to be a master seamstress.

Santa is driven to create beauty without compromising on comfort for her clientele. Each piece she crafts today is imbued with the quality of old traditions but also with the support of modern sewing advances.

The custom nature and attention to detail of the delicate embellishments is what defines this luxurious line of bespoke pieces, designed to be worn as bodices and high fashion.

But these corsets do not just grace catwalks, they are for occasions day or night, and tailored with each recipient’s custom desires at its core.

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